Testmatic  System Z3-X500   (TH2730)


Is a mechanical test system for testing materials and
product designs for quality control applications?
We offer an affordable compact mechanic testing machine

for tests on materials and products with smaller forces :

Force:   3 kN

Movement: 500mm

This universal machine can be used standalone or with a computer.

All measuring data can be transferred by using a serial standard interface (RS 232) to a PC.
This machine comes complete with one load cell and a control software

 for Windows.

Typical test materials and products to be tested are

  • biomaterials, tissues, medical devices,
    components (wire, tubing and needles)
  • electronic components, connectors, insertion tests
  • Films, adhesive tapes, foils, magnetic tape
  • Plastics, polymers, nylon, acetyls
  • Elastomers, rubber, foam, latex compounds
  • automotive components, interior structures, foams
  • Packaging materials such as paper, cardboard, wood
  • cords and textiles, yarn, strings & threads, fabrics
  • racquet strings, thin cables, composite fibers
  • shingles and construction materials


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Compact affordable and complete!




Ideal for a wide variety of applications...

Quality Control 

  • Research
  • Product Development
  • Product Evaluation

Also many different types of tests..

  • Bend
  • Tensile
  • Compression
  • Friction

Flexible Control

  • Closed loop servo control with PID compensation. 
  • Monotonic, cyclic and segmented test profiles. 
  • Position, Load and Strain rate control. 
  • Intermix load, position, and strain rates as required. 
  • Multiple rates and end levels, including reversals. 
  • Software selectable real time control channels. 
  • User password protection for calibration. 
  • Selectable language (German, English, Spain, French)
  • Selectable units Metric (mm Newton), SI (inch pound). 

High Precision 

  • Load accuracy exceeds ASTM E-4 Standards.
  • ASTM certifiable with standard load
    cell 200 N, 2kN and 5 kN
  • Resolution better than 1 part in 100,000. Position resolution better than 0.00004" (0.0001 mm)

32 Bit Windows Environment 

  • Compatible with Windows 95, 98, & NT.
  • Store test data and results to hard disk in ASCII delimited
    format for easy import
  • Into common spreadsheet and database programs.
  • Save and recall test data over a network.
  • Print out single and group test reports & X-Y plots.
  • Full package - neither special options nor extensions required
    to perform a test.

Real Time Displays

  • Large real time numeric displays
  • Live Load, Load Rate, Peak Load, Live Stress, Stress Rate,
  • Peak Stress, Live
  • Position, Position Rate, Peak Position, Live Strain,
    Strain Rate, and Peak Strain.
  • Plot Real-time test data via printer.
  • Comprehensive Analysis & Calculations
  • Multiple specimen geometries and dimensions.
  • High, low, mean, and standard deviation.

Standard Analysis Procedures

  • Analysis
  • Peak Load
  • Peak Stress
  • Average Load Over Extension Range
  • Load at Extension Point
  • Modulus of Elasticity
  • Elongation at Break
  • Reduction of Area
  • Extension at Load
  • Energy


  • Highest Load during test.
  • Peak Load divided by specimen area.
  • Average Load between two users specified extension points.
  • Load value at a user specified extension point.
  • Slope of the Stress-Strain curve in the elastic region.
  • Elongation at the time of fracture including elastic and plastic deformation of tensile specimen.
  • Final Area divided by Original Area
  • Elongation at the specified Load.
  • Calculation of the area under the Load-Displacement curve.
  • Stress at the point on the Stress-Strain curve where the Modulus Line, Offset by a user specified amount in the strain direction, intercepts the curve.
  • Load at the point on the Load-Strain curve where the Modulus Line, Offset by a user specified amount in the Strain direction, intercepts the curve.
  • Stress at the point on the Stress-Strain curve where a line drawn parallel to the Stress axis and offset by a user specified amount in the Strain direction intercepts the curve.
  • Load at the point on the Load-Strain curve where a line drawn parallel to the Load axis and offset by a user specified amount in the Strain direction intercepts the curve.

Integrated System

The system consists of a robust frame, precision control hardware, test software, and channels for load, crosshead position and axial strain. Options include PC, grips, extensometers, and a fourth channel for transverse strain..


  • Rated to 650 pounds (3000 N) 
  • Travel less grips is 21 inches (530 mm) 
  • Velocity - 30" per minute (800 mm per minute) 
  • Single column design 
  • clearance to frame 66 mm (2.6 inch)  
  • Upper/Lower Limit Switches
  • PID Compensation 
  • Load and Strain - better than 1 in 100,000 
  • Position - better than 0.000004" (0.0001 mm)
  • total weight of machine only 48 kg

Load Cell - Standard

  • 650 pounds (3000 N) - Standard 
  • ASTM E4 certifiable for 200 N,  2 kN 
    and 5 kN
  • Five software calibration files per transducer 
  • Nonlinearity +/- 0.03% (+/- 0.2 lbs) 
  • Hysteresis +/- 0.02% 
  • No repeatability +/- 0.01% 

Load Cells - Optional

  • 112 pounds (500 N) with full overload 
  • 1, 2, 10, and 20 pounds with 10X overload. 


  • Dynamic Test - System for Endurance tests
  • Analysis - Software
  • Additional Crosshead travel 
  • Grips 
  • Extensometers 
  • Load Cells 
  • Strain2 Channel    

Minimum PC Requirements

·         CPU: Pentium Computer

·         DRAM: 32 Mbytes

·         30 MB Hard Disk Space

·         Monitor: 1024x768 Color VGA

·         OS: Windows 98, or higher

·         reqires one available serial port  RS 232

short delivery times  competitive price

Drawings and pictures of test machine and Windows software

Description: Description: Description: Description: compact Tensile and Compression Test  Machine with Data Analysis Capabilities

Using a standard PC you can receive, store and display the test results.
The machine can run controlled by a PC or standalone

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungTH2730-with-extensometer

Tensile test with TH56g+BW

+ extra extensometer

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungZ3-with-TH62

Friction test with TH62

The Software is included in the testing machine without additional cost!
No specific Controller Cards required,
a Laptop with a USB Port is sufficient to control the machine and receive the testing data results

All screenshots of software





Break force and other characteristics data are automatically determined
and can be transferred to a computer e.g. to be uses in statistics

peel test - analysis

Description: Description: Description: Description: Größenänderungigk_pic007

Fully automatic retrieval  of measuring data with variable testing cycles is also possible
with a simple programming interface

Die Parameters of the built-in controller can also be set via the PC;
the Microprocessor of the testing machine controls the movements in real time
even without a PC connection.

Z3-500 Liegend


automatic loading device for foam parts
100x100x60mm or 50x50x50mm
with software for Z3


automatic loading device for isolation 200x200x30mm
with software for Z10

grips and fixtures


Recommended clamps and pressure plates:



scissor grip
+ pyramid jaws

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungTH11-5kN

TH 7-5
Simple robust Grip with eccentric roller

Description: Description: Description: Description: C:\Users\Anri\Desktop\testmatic\englisch\index-Dateien\index-eng-Dateien\th7-5kn.jpg


universal vice grip with wave jaws

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungTH56-g-plus-BW


small pneumatic Grip head for serial test with pyramid jaws

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungTH229-1kN-2


Pressure platens with centric rills 
made of steel

Description: Description: Description: Description: GrößenänderungTH23-96Alu...





we also design special sizes and special function

do not hesitate and ask




Various pictures of realized custom made appliances::

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